Las madres que les dicen estas 7 cosas a sus hijos forman adultos más exitosos

Fecha 27 de noviembre de 2018

Una madre tiene a su disposición varias formas de demostrarle afecto a sus hijos: abrazos, besos, caminatas en el parque, celebrando sus cumpleaños, entre muchas otras. Muchas de estas cosas, dejan importantes marcas en las memorias de los hijos. Pero más allá de los actos de afecto, hay palabras que dejan huellas indelebles hasta la vida adulta.

Frases que crían adultos exitosos:

We would like to give you examples of the most meaningful words that a mother addresses to her child from an early age, forming sound character as well as attitude for life.

1. "I believe in you! You can do this!"

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After these words, even in the most hopeless situation, your son or daughter will see light at the end of the tunnel; they'll find a solution and be able to handle anything thrown their way. Such moments teach you to take responsibility for your actions.

2. "You are my blessing"

There's an infinite unconditional parental love within these words. It makes children feel important and valuable right through into adulthood.

3. "I always have you in mind"

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This is much like a mother's prayer for her child, which makes you feel secure, protected, certain that the world is kind to you, as your mother is always sending you beams of love and warmth!

4. "Being your mother is true happiness"

In such moments the child feels proud and a part of something bigger, as he or she managed to bring such joy to the closest person in the world.

5. "You are beautiful"

You can say it about anything, not only new clothes or regarding appearance (appreciating the looks is also necessary for children). But the main focus is the beauty of their inner being, which is filled with kindness, compassion, and optimism.

6. "Is there anything wrong? Share with me"


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Paying attention to your child's behaviour, feelings, and emotions creates a trustworthy relationship in response, one where they want to share their thoughts with you. But even if they are not ready to share with you at the moment, just knowing that they're not alone in trouble is a valuable thing on its own.

7. "I am proud of you!"

Perhaps these are the most encouraging words on par with the brilliiant phrase "I love you!" There's joy for their every little step, every move, every new discovery within these words. It forms a firm feeling of confidence. And later, in adulthood, any situation becomes not an obstacle, but just another step on their way.

Check how often you say these phrases to your child. They ought to be used by every parent, if they want to see their children happy, successful, confident, and living in harmony with themselves.

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